About us

Charles Vaughn, President & Founder

Congratulations! You’ve started a new journey by researching how to create your very own unique spirits brand. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, it certainly can be a complicated and confusing project to kick-off. That’s what I’m here for – to help you ...

Let me introduce myself to you. I’m Charles. I’ve been in the wine & spirits industry for over 21 years. I have a unique background that allows me to help projects on several levels. Here’s a snapshot:

  • I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting
  • I did my graduate work in tax law
  • I worked for several years in public accounting with a regional firm
  • I worked for several years as a Finance Director for Southcorp Wines – now Treasury Wine Estates
  • I’ve held a federal import and wholesaler permit since 2001
  • I’ve assisted 20+ brands on some level over the past 10 years
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – I am a brand owner myself!! This means I literally have faced the exact journey you are beginning on today.

I created 40-80 Spirits Group under one simple premise: To get from concept to market as efficiently as possible.

As you will come to learn intimately, there are several components to properly developing your brand and project. We will cover them all together. Our SERVICES page does a good job of introducing you to the many facets of a project like this. It’s by no means the complete list of required items, as that would require a multi-page manual.

What I want you to walk away from today is 3 basic understandings:

  • We are a comprehensive firm that can work with you to take your project from concept to market.
  • We are brand owners ourselves, so we truly understand what it means when you say “budget is a concern” or “let’s do the most we can with the little bit we have” or “what’s the best choice we have?”
  • We work tirelessly to get you established in a manner and fashion that is exactly what YOU need. We work based upon what is best for YOU. From day 1, we work with the understanding that we are helping you to be a stand-alone business – not dependent upon us for the long haul.

I do hope you will take the time to complete the information on the CONTACT US page. I would be happy to discuss your ideas and craft a program tailored for you. As I said earlier, this industry can be quite confusing with all the regulatory hurdles and various alignment partners we will need to secure to move forward. I’m ready to help you quarterback this project to fruition.

Cheers to SUCCESS!!