LeSin Vodka (France)

                  “Originally launched in 2010, we really enjoyed the experience working with the team at 40 80 Spirits Group for the re-branding and re-launch scheduled for 2019/2020.  As the Founder of the brand, I really challenged the team at 40 80 Spirits Group to come up with something unique and refined.   Hands down, they delivered!”    Charles Vaughn, Founder, LeSin Vodka North America, LLC        

Blue Lava Tequila (Mexico)

                  “Originally slated for an earlier launch, the team at 40 80 Spirits Group really explained the economical impacts of a launch in balance with the supply / demand / costs of ultra-premium blue weber agave in Jalisco.  I am confident in their teams’ knowledge and marketing/activation experience and looking forward to a 2020 launch.”  Charles Vaughn, Founder, Blue Lava Tequila (Launching 2020)                

JJ's Craft Brewery (Ireland)

                  “JJ’s Craft Brewery Ltd in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick IRELAND is an exciting new product for the United States in 2020.  I am very happy and excited that Jim and John (JJs) selected us and our import team to introduce such an amazing portfolio of products into the United States.”   Charles Vaughn, Importer for JJ’s Craft Brewery Ltd. (Launching 2020).          

Primed Craft Cocktails

                  “Charles and his team have been great to work with.  I started this project with little, if any, industry knowledge.   Having an experienced partner on my team has been a vital component of our brand creation project.”   Tracy Okoli, Founder – Primed Craft Cocktails (Launching 2020)