Identifying and establishing your business structure

a. Assistance with the selection of state and entity type
b. Assistance with formation documents
c. Assistance with initial corporate governance
d. Assistance with obtaining a Tax Identification Number (federal and state)
e. Assistance with establishing a corporate infrastructure. i.e. CRM/ERP selection

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Applying for and securing trademarks and the required federal & state licenses

a. Common law search for proposed brand name conflicts
b. General URL and social media name search and availability
c. Assistance with USPTO filing(s) and social media handles
d. Preparation and submission of all required federal and state alcohol related permits and applications.
e. Assistance with all required US CBP and US FDA registration requirements

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Identifying and aligning with all appropriate vendors re: the production of your new brand/spirit

a. Distillery selection
b. Formulation options and samples review
c. Brand logo & packaging creation – including bottle selection and label design
d. Production contract review and negotiation
e. Cost to Retail Pricing analysis

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Establishing and creating a brand and sales presentation to secure distribution

a. Creation of a brand overview and presentation deck for wholesalers
b. Creation of on-premise and off-premise sell sheets
c. Introduction of the Brand Activation plan (Point 5 below)
d. Industry tradeshows (WSWA, NCB, etc)

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Establishing and creating a brand activation plan (advert, mktg, promo, events) for consumer and market awareness.

a. Assistance with website development
b. Assistance with development of social media channels
c. Assistance with digital & influencer marketing strategies
d. Development of strategies for branded accessories
e. Development of strategies for on and off premise activation incentives (as allowed by various state laws and regulations)
f. Development of on-the-ground brand reps & ambassador programs
g. Corporate and consumer promotional marketing videos

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